Bikes, Shrines, Ramen, and Rock Music

Yesterday our students were out with their seminars, exploring Tokyo through the lens of Fashion, Cuisine, and Film & Video. Some people went to the Ramen Museum, while others visited Nezu Shrine. Other students saw a Kabuki theatre performance, and still others rented bikes and cycled through Ueno Park.

In the evening we offered our students four options: see rock music in Shimo Kitazawa, see a performance by the AGT-winning team of Techno Circus, bathe in an onsen (Japanese hot spring), or play pick-up basketball with local Japanese people in Yoyogi Park.

Here is our guest blog post by two students, followed by some photos from our busy day!

So yesterday we woke up, had breakfast and, in a timely manner, made our way to our morning class. Today, we only had our minor class. My minor is fashion. For my class we first went to Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum and had the opportunity to view numerous beautiful handcrafted textiles and kimonos. We finished class at an archive fashion shop.

— Ellen

For my minor class, we went to the Ramen Museum, and had lunch there as well. Then, we all went to our afternoon activities. For me that was visiting Nezu Shrine. And finally, we participated in our evening activities, which for Ellen, Sophie, and me, was going to see a Japanese band.

— Olivia